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These Top Ten Recession Busting Marketing Tips have proved very popular with clients so we are sharing them. We hope they will help you when planning how to promote your business and growing sales.

  1. Cross-Promote: Work with a company that compliments yours and cross-promote each others products and services.
  2. Add-Value: Don’t just discount products, add a gift or extra service for the original price.
  3. Permission Marketing: Your business will benefit from having a more credible profile and audience who invite you to talk to them about your products and services.
  4. Create News: Work with the media. Provide credible, newsworthy and interesting information to journalists.
  5. Throw an Event: Invite your loyal customers and potential customers for a tour followed by a light lunch or drinks.
  6. Public Speaking: Be a guest speaker on your topic of expertise at a conference or business lunch.
  7. Call to Action: Always include a call to action, whether it’s an advertisement, brochure or website.
  8. Employ the Internet: Customers will not flock to your website without a reason. Grow your online presence by having new and interesting content that engages your customers. Make sure your website is up-dated regularly
  9. Be Polite and Ask Questions: When you are making a sale or talking to a potential new client, don’t make statements about your products or service, instead ask questions.
  10. Grow Your Reach: Don’t just market to your customers, market and work with other groups and communities that would have an interest in your products or services.